“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Something strange happened to me the other day.  A friend told me that ages ago when we were speaking, they heard me say that I was going to have adventures and the people where just interchangeable characters in my TV show.  I can’t begin to say how awful that made me feel; I felt bad that that is what they heard.  Cause that couldn’t be further from how I feel.  Moments are only special because of the people you share them with.  Everyday moments become transformed by those people who love you and you love.  People can’t be replaced; I weep when they are killed off actual TV shows.  I name everything since I can’t replace it and I don’t want too.  Sabrina is my baby sister and there will never be another.  This year for example…  India was less awful because of Jenny and she wasn’t there.  Dubai was less scary cause of Mark and he wasn’t there.  Hawaii was less lonely cause of Chris and nor was he there.  No matter where I was, I knew my mom and dad would be there.  Thanks to everyone else who always reaches out, know I love you and nothing will ever replace you.

Only a day of yoga, naps, yard work and movies.  Movies that make you cry.

All my love-


10/19 – Paris is Always a Good Idea – Audrey Hepburn

Our morning didn’t start out to early which was really nice.  After a breakfast of eggs, croissants and fresh squeeze OJ.  We headed to the Rondin Museum.  It was incredible; I loved getting to see how Rondin could make marble move.  You really have to see it to understand.  http://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/home

rodin3       rodin2     rodin1

rodin4 The Gates of Hell is the title of the door

We snacked at a little cafe with organic eggs, veggies and polenta.


Then we headed to Luxembourg Garden.  It was cool; I loved to watch the people.  Plus there was mini-statue of Liberty.  There was a ton of outdoor seating and everyone was out to enjoy.  http://www.senat.fr/visite/jardin/index.html

garden2 garden garden3

We hurried home for a change of clothes and then we caught the bus for yoga.  We meet our teacher and she took us to a spot overlooking the Seine where we yoga-ed.  River boats went by calling out to us “yoga”.  We smiled and had our photos taken and peopled stopped to gawk but we didn’t mine.  We breathed on.

We had dinner at Kong which is where Carrie meets the Russian’s ex-wife for a meal in Paris.  The meal was amazing.  There were 2 floors and they focused on the seating upstairs so the meal took FOREVER but the wait staff was GREAT.  We ended up skipping a dessert and calling it a night.  http://www.kong.fr/

All my love-


Cooking and Cleaning

Not much to report for my actual day.  Just cleaning (god I hate that), cooking (don’t mind that) and visiting Oma (depends on the day).  Yoga class was good.  I went to Fire Flow and we moved.  That meant I didn’t think to much about being jobless.  The whole unemployment thing is starting to weigh with nothing to fill in the spaces; I need to win the lottery.  But during yoga I breathed and talked to a girl named Elizabeth before and after class.  I like her; she is funny and if I stayed around maybe we would be friends. We did tons of hand stand prep in yoga and I haven’t practiced handstand in ages.  It took a bunch of effort to not be silly in my desire to get up.  I even hunted wine (Cherry Pie – the stuff is awesome) for when my bro visits for Christmas.  I can’t wait.  I love that guy!  I better go sleep.

All my love-


10/18 – My First Day in Paris

We started our day with a train ride from Kortijik, Belgium to Paris, France.  The trip was amazingly easy except for small baggage compartments.  This is where we meet our first and pretty much only rather unpleasant French man.  As we were loading the luggage, I heard “Look the Bloody Americans have arrived”.  I proceeded to ignore the underlying hints of hostility and thanked him for moving his really tiny bag into the main train car.

train ride

After arriving at the train station, we took Uber cars to our Hotel Sezz.  The Uber driver was amazing and he even stopped so I could get my first photo of the Eiffel Tower.  Although most of the drivers didn’t speak much English, they had waters, candy and sometimes even WiFi.  The hotel was really awesome and that is where I meet Dauphne Deveraux, the rubber ducky who graces many a photo. I don’t know why we all had such a blast with him (it is a boy with a girls name – it cause him some confusion growing up).  :-)  The staff at the Hotel Sezz was so cool, making Paris feel like home. We even had champagne upon our arrival.  (http://www.hotelsezz.com/#!/paris/)

The hotel recommended a cool little hotel bar/restaurant that was CA themed.  The wine was incredible and the French accents could make a girl swoon.

ca rest

Then we went for the skip the line Eiffel Tower tour.  It was totally awesome.  There are 2 spots for lines: one up and one down.  We got to skip the bottom floor line which saved us about 2.5 hours.  The place was crazy packed and we learned that this is the most visited monument in the world (paid one that is).  In 2011, it received something like almost 7 million visitors.  I liked the first floor the best.  There were glass floors and less obstructions of the view.

et3 et4 ef2

We went to a place called Eclectic for dinner; the food was lovely but not to memorable for me.  The dessert was Pain Perdu and it was my most favorite dessert in all of Paris.  But I think the best part was the salt and pepper shakers that we got to play with.  The shakers sort of looked like YMCA members.  The wait staff was super cool. ( http://www.restauranteclectic.fr/)

After dinner we headed to Kube which was an ice bar.  It was pretty fun but totally dead.  There was hardly another soul in there.  The bartender was the French version of Kevin Bacon.  He was a blast and to end the night well Susan and I found out that you could see into the men’s room. Meaning we got to see the backside of Mark (not my bro) peeing; that was endless funny.  Plus the bathroom walls were shag carpeted; it was a tactile experience.  (http://www.kubehotel-paris.com/fr/page/hotel-design-luxe-paris-accueil.1.html)


 Aren’t we impressive?  kube2kube 1

Off to bed for another full day in Paris.

All my love-


Walk About

So about a year ago when I started looking at my blog and determining a theme, I fell upon walkabout kind of haphazardly.  I had heard of the Aboriginal concept before and I kind of the liked the idea of getting lost to be found.  Today when I was looking up walkabout I saw the following:

I love the bit about spiritual interconnectedness with all living things as well as a deliberate and focused journey.  For me, living yoga has been about knowing that I make an impact on others as they make an impact on me.  Yoga is paying attention to cause an effect.  For example, a breathe here and it causes ease; a bent knee opens my hip flexors and stresses my quads.  Not only can I see cause and effect on my mat but that work has shown me that my actions can affect other people both positive and negative.  I was short today with training salesman because I was mad about something else.  I was angry, he was indigent, and then he ended up calling me on his way home trying to help me out.  We ended up influencing each for the better – I think.

“Each person that we encounter represents a choice. We can choose to shine or we can choose not to.” - http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/12/damp-yoga-thoughts-on-interconnectdness/

My last year represented a choice to myself; it was a choice to see myself and those I love in the world.  Sometimes I saw beautiful things and sometimes I didn’t.  But yoga always reminds me of my final choice and sometimes when I forget all about it Jenny (my sis) keeps me honest in my practice.

I love the bit about deliberate and focused journey because my year was about more than just having fun.  I was there to learn about my world and me.  I was there to meet other people and learn about lives elsewhere which in turn taught me more about me.  I spent many years being little more than a satellite orbiting around others so I spent a year orbiting me.  People underestimate how difficult it is to take a long look at themselves and really see.  Once you really see, there is no going back that it why it is easier not to look.  It was a lovely, long and lonely journey.  It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it.  Now it is time to put my lessons into practice.

All my love-

Jobs, Look out here I come…

Last night I got my first good night rest in about 6 days and it was AMAZING.  Got a lovely massage this am.  Visited Oma and had a lovely lunch with my sis.  Her hair looks fabulous – she went for a new do.  Came home did housework and made dinner (Brussels sprouts, carrots and chicken).  Went to yoga – it was a nice class with lots of movement.  After which I hit the grocery and pet store.  Came home to fix dinner and clean-up.

Most importantly:  I applied for some jobs tonight!  :-)

All my love-

Ops!! I forgot my title

I made my first pot roast yesterday.  It smelled amazing but that process takes forever so we will get to eat it today.  I got to speak to Karen today and I was so glad.  I really missed talking with her and the insights that she helps me dig out.  Some days I am so proud about what I can do all by myself but then she has some really great insights!  I have been worried about friends and she told me that I did good – i was boundaried.  I like doing that part right!  I miss visits to her office.  Yoga was pretty cool this am – Kaisha talked me to moving to the middle of the room.  That was good – not sure I liked it but it was good.

Tonight I have melatonin and I sleep.  Yippee!
All my love-