Magic Shoes

Today I had a meeting with a condescending new guy on one of our teams.  But I remembered that If I wore my special shoes, I would remember my happy place and I wouldn’t cry  My shoes worked and the meeting went way better than anyone thought.  Yay – shoes!   I yoga-ed twice.

Still no cell phone, hopefully tomorrow.
All my love-


My Birthday!! :)

I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone thank you so much for all of the FABULOUS birthday wishes.   I was so lucky and got spend the weekend in Portland, OR hanging out with the world’s best brother high on SUGAR.  We saw roses, witnessed a spectacle of people to include runners and ate Voodoo Doughnuts.   Philbert and Patsy took me out for lunch for my day and today Karen EVEN  made cake.  Patrick and David even sent me a gift.  Thanks so much Markie and all!  I love you!

All my love-






I had been feeling a bit nostalgic for VA. It’s funny since leaving has really made the place feel like home.  Last night I went to the Bluebird in Denver, CO and saw Carbon Leaf (my favorite VA band) play. It was awesome; I had so much fun. I even made a new friend Katy (a fellow Univ of MD grad).  Go Terps!  Carbon Leaf sounded awesome; they played almost all of my favorites.  ;). Can’t wait to do it again.


Indecision – Carbon Leaf
“Long days, come alive 
I take it in through my eyes 
Long days of paper tigers 
They ate all the words of the wise…

And if I face indecision 
Don’t let me face it alone 
Just take me straight to Virginia 
Back to the faces of home “

Houston We Have a Problem

The problem is namely confusion so I am not sure that actually counts as a problem.  But confusion is NEVER good. The worst part about confusion is usually just when you think you finally licked it and its over — you find that it ISN’T (there was a drum roll there).  I just wonder frequently why you can’t tell someone something and then they just accept it (ie no boundary pushing).  Boundary pushing makes me want to SCREAM or hit someone in the face.  Maybe one day, I won’t feel like that but somehow I doubt.  Anyway I have to get up early since I didn’t get accomplished what I wanted.

All my love-


PS – Its almost my birthday so everyone should think of an awesome way to celebrate.  Yay!   :)

Should be sleeping

It’s the middle of the night and I should be asleep but I am not (i say as a big grin breaks out across my face). I don’t know why I am not asleep and tomorrow I will be sad that I am not presently sleeping.  But right now not sleeping feels decadent and delicious.  I am actively attempting to avoid sleep to the point I even looked a Facebook for like 3 minutes.  I could try and be productive but that wouldn’t feel decadent. My mom made me a travel photo album and I finally added pictures. It was weird to see my smile over time; the smile has definitely improved.


All my love-