Today was a little crazy and full of emotions. I wanted to write more but I am tired and need sleep so instead I would like to say what I am GRATEFUL for…

1) The amazing courage of my sis Jenny to show up and be seen.  Plus – sending me texts so I feel loved even when I am by myself on a dark road.

2) The incrediable bravery of my brother Mark to give unconditionally and risk it all again.

3) The love, support and laughter of my friends Patrick and David.

4) The opportunity that I have to create the life I want to live to include making mistakes or failing of my own doing.  :-)  Some of my new opportunities include speaking up, saying no, and doing what I wanna including copious amounts of solitaire.

5) Learning to ask for help.

6) My parents love and support which even looks like talking to me when the phone disconnects.

All my love-



I wanted to share something.  My sis Jenny inspires me and I think most days she has no idea.  Her ability to inspire me is a funny thing because when she is actually inspiring me I generally think she is a bit nuts.  You see Jenny is hands down one of the bravest people I know since she is okay with her own vulnerability.  She will let herself hang out in all of her glory where as the mere thought of that is something akin to 1,000 deaths each worse than the last one.  So I want to tip my hat to her because she is so amazing.  I love you girl!  You deserve the world and I think you will be amazed at where your life will turn up (especially when you let the laundry go – I like to tease her too).

All my love-


PS – Thanks, Patrick for teasing me with Jenny yesterday.  I took the nudge and jumped.

No Longer Unemployed

Some of you might have noticed its been a bit since I have posted – 5 days to be exact and even that was an anorexic post.  I have good news.  I got a job.  I start 30 March and I am very excited.  I thought my next post needed to announce my job but I wasn’t ready to declare.  Today I decided ready or not – I leap.

So here is my declaration.. I landed an opportunity with a small start-up management consulting firm in Denver, CO.  I am excited to work with a start-up.  They are dynamic and nimble.  All of my co-workers are excited to go to work (seemingly everyday) and they all seem to genuinely like each other (the number of employees isn’t large so this is easier to do).  These people are free from cynicism and angst; it is refreshing (but I do realize its only day one). I have always wanted to try management consulting.    I will be working closely with my client and my co-workers will only fly in every couple of weeks but I will talk daily with my team. They cover for each other for 2 hours each Friday so they can work on stuff that interests them like women in technology or even drones.  There are a few things that are less than perfect in my opinion but overall this is a really neat chance for me.  March 23 – I head to Denver for meetings that evening and more meetings on Tuesday. I get back to Phoenix on Tuesday the 24th of March.  Wednesday the 25th I pack for Denver.  Thursday the 25th, I drive to Denver.  I will spending the next 2 days looking for a place.  Sunday, March 29 I fly to Ann Arbor, MI (the headquarters of my new company) where I will spend my 1st week – learning more stuff.  Friday, April 3rd  I head back to Denver for the foreseeable future.

My plans are to stay nimble and flexible myself.  I look forward to being reunited with my stuff especially my clothes and my bed.  More soon!

All my love-


Odd Days

Mark got off early on Friday so we got to hang out. I had a lot of fun.  We went to lunch, movies and every girls favorite Costco.  We saw The Kingsmen: Secret Service.  It was so fun.  Then we made dinner but the dinner the night before was amazing. It had cauliflower mashed potatoes, green beans and grilled salmon with the most amazing wine.  Today was fun.  Had lunch with 2 new friends Jesse and James….

Decided to just hit publish and write more tomorow.