An Expensive Day

I don’t think Mark’s cleaning guy likes me much.  Today when he saw me it went something like “Oh – your here!”  It messed up my morning a bit so I didn’t shower before I went to the eye doctor.  That wasn’t my favorite. I needed/ordered new glasses and sunglasses.  The prescription isn’t changing much; but the astigmatism continues change. I spent way too much money.  Then I waited for a phone call that didn’t work out quite like I wanted.  But I finally got my car which cost more money than I wanted to spend again.   :(  But my car looks great but took FOREVER.  Then I went to the gym for a quick – run.  Had dinner with Mark and John and I new friend but I forgot his name.  We ate at the Barrio Cafe; it was AWESOME.  The new friend was cool and very tolerant of me which gives him an A+ in my book.  Then I finished my yoga workout.  The resume gods are to speak tomorow.  ;-)

All my love-


New Doo…. ;-)

I got my hair done today.  I had a crazy line of demarcation between blonde and not as blonde with a whole lot of gray sprinkled in.  Its all gone which is good; I decided to go BIG.  Meaning I went different; see below.

I might have been fibbing a bit.  :-) Below is the new hair!

Then I went a got a Tutu for the Color Run this weekend after which I hit Kinko’s for printing and scanning.  Then I was back to the gym for running and yoga.  Made some more calls and I still have some decisions to make.  Ugh!  :(

Chatted with Mark for a bit; he had quit a day.  My car still isn’t done.  :(

Then off to bed; I head to the eye doctor in the morning.  No news from some peeps I really want to hear from.

All my love-


A Whole Lot of Nothing….

Hola Chicas and Chicos!! Not much new here. I tried to visit a toastmaster meeting this week but it was a no go.  It was at a police station and there was just a lot of angry looking folks (policemen) which deterred me from just parking (at the records lot) and heading in.  I went to the gym and met a person who is defies ALL explanation.  He was orange with muscles and chains – a head bigger than mine and a waist that is smaller than mine.  I totally got ogled; my earphones didn’t hold him at bay.  But we talked a little and I ran.  Then I came home and made dinner but Mark had work plans so he missed out.  We had baked chicken and mushrooms with Brussel sprouts and salad.  It was pretty good.  Then I yoga-ed.  Finished up some stuff I had to do.  I called my Oma and my dad.  I don’t think I was short or bitchy. Yippee!  :-)

I still miss Karen.


My Long Weekend

Weekend was okay.  I went to a new members meet-up on Saturday.  Meet some nice ladies and kind of a dicky boy.  I picked up my Christmas present from the Nerd Herd with only 56 viruses and then I went the gym.  Run Forest Run followed by yoga.   I went out with 2 ladies from Friday night were I meet a boy who attempted to touch my tonsils with his tongue.  I pressed my lips together to the point he couldn’t make it in my mouth but he did kiss me since at some point I can only bend so far backward away from the oncoming face.  After that episode, I asked what his success rate was with that technique.  He told me he did quite well in America which truly frightened me.  So when he turned around for a second,  I ran home.  On Sunday, I met Veronica for meditation and brunch.  I couldn’t stay awake for meditation but i liked it anyway.  I came home and prepped for dinner.  Then I went to the gym for more – Run Forrest Run.  By the time I got home Patrick and David were there which was lovely but no yoga.  :(  I really like them even when they don’t agree with me enough.  Mark did have a running commentary on my timeliness for cleaning and the way I did it which didn’t make me SUPER happy.  Today I ran Forest ran and the yoga-ed more.  I can touch my hands on the floor in a forward fold and it doesn’t even feel that bad.  I think I finished all of my PMI training credits tonight in order to maintain my certification and I realized that I sorta might have some jobs.  My PMI training was Agile – totally awful and how to handle difficult employees which wasn’t bad but a little stressful cause difficult employees are just so damn stressful (even when you just remember).  My friend Kurt talked to me a bit.  I miss that guy. Plus – i even got to talk to my sis.  Still love her.  I really miss Karen,  I miss having someone to help be my sounding board.  My mommy bought me a new dress….. I can’t wait till I get it.  :-)

All my love-


PS – Dad the new dress helped my mood.  Can you imagine the mood prior to the new dress???

Dentist and More

Just a quick note before bed. I went to the dentist and got x-rays, my teeth cleaned, and I was told I needed more crowns.  I showed up at the dentist which had castles, dragons, and knights all over the wall.  The sign outside the practice said Magic Smiles for Kids.  About 3 years ago they started seeing adults and became Magic Smiles for the Ages; I was happy there was no clown room.  The dentist and their staff was amazing.  My teeth look great and feel good, as well.  I went to see the hypnotist; it made me feel better.  Then off to the gym for running and yoga.  After which Mark and I went the the grocery store.  He and John heading out for camping and I got to head to my friends house for a girls night.  It was fun we played games like blind fold the make – up artist, pictionary and more.  Off to bed.  Day 5 and the resume gods are still silent.

All my love-


Great Places

It was a long day.  Interviews and no news abound, bills were paid and the resume gods remain silent.  Dentist appointments were made and I caught up with some friends.  I can barely keep my eyes open; I am heading to bed.  But I leave you all with the quote that I struggle to remember everyday these days. because today it might be true..

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”  ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Sweet dreams! All my love


Un-digging a Hole made by My Tongue

I lost my post a couple of times.  So here goes again.  Here are some fun pics from my quick trip to Denver.


I love Patrick.  We both wished Mark and David could have been there.


Patrick showed me the Civic Center decked out for the holidays.  Moments earlier I had been on my ass.  It was soooo slippery.


Next, we went to drag queen Bingo.  I love the dobbers.

Last night I had an interview that I think went really well.  I feel like I am starting to get the hang of phone interviews and such.  The guy was cool and that company had some neat opportunities overseas.  If I did a year in Portland, I then could decide to move onward.  Then Mark, John and I had dinner with Kevin and a new guy at Crudo.  It was good (I even tried to eat pig ears) and nice to get out.  I went home to finish a skills assessment which I am pretty sure wasn’t great.  I way over thought it.  Had a really weird call with a recruiter today for a staffing firm which felt more like a call to see how much interest I was getting from other peeps/companies.  Got a call yesterday morning that loved which pretty much meant that I had to eat my words about how awful something was.  But then that opportunity got all flubbed up so I could go back to my land of hate and deep mistrust.  That is feels nicer and way more normal.

Still nothing from the resume gods…..  :(

All my love-